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AdeOla | Podcast Manager Branding & Lifestyle Shoot

AdeOla | Podcast Manager Branding & Lifestyle Shoot

When I graduated college, I was searching vigorously for a job and happened upon a "Social & Digital Media Marketing Intern" for Crys & Tiana and immediately hit apply! Little did I know that would lead to not only an amazing career opportunity but ultimately an incredible mentorship and friendship blossomed along the way.

I don't like to use the term "boss babe" as it seems so cliche but AdeOla certainly embodies every part of being an amazing entrepreneur! Writer, editor, podcast manager and SO much more! If you are interested in starting a podcast or need someone to help you manage yours, get in touch with AdeOla!

For our photoshoot, we planned a little bit of business and a whole lot of FUN! I wanted to make sure to embody Crys & Tiana but more than that, AdeOla's amazing personality!

Businesswoman & Model: AdeOla Fadumiye | Makeup: @glambygilda_

Let me know what you think! Get in touch if you are in the market for branding or lifestyle photos!

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